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Ecommerce Selling is a Subdivision of iDSM Group Inc. and that is a name associated with trust and reliability.

We have a strategy that will be slowly and separately scaled in order to ensure the long-term profitability for the clients to establish companies under different marketplaces online. We offer third party retail companies advantages from the economies of scale in the supply chain for a $2,500 – $25,000 set-up fee and 5% of gross profit charged.

Our specialization to scale from 5,000 SKUs to 5,000,000+ SKUs offered both on third party shopping platforms sold to consumers. The products sold will be diverse within B2C sectors. This will include products along the entire supply chain consisting of final products sold directly to enterprise consumers. It includes the introduction of chosen and given SKUs in order to diversify the products sold on third party platforms. The float of payment from third party platforms requires each company to maintain adequate cash reserves (Credit Line = Credit Card ) to purchase new merchandise for each daily sales while it awaits payments to be distributed from Amazon ( 1st Year= net 30 and second year = Net 30 ).

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